A. Cullen & Associates offers a wide range of recruiting solutions, all of which can be customized to meet our clients’ varied recruitment needs.

  1. Retained and Contingent Executive Search

    Our team of seasoned recruiting veterans has successfully completed numerous retained and contingent searches for a wide variety of industry leaders. Known for our diligent research and extensive network of high-caliber candidates, we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships that make a significant, positive impact on our clients’ bottom-lines.

    Committed to laying the groundwork for success, we begin all of our searches in partnership with our clients to acquire a profound understanding of:

    • The Optimal Candidate:
      • Skills, experiences and tangible, measurable successes required for the role
      • Interpersonal skills and cultural fit needed
    • Client Goals, Objectives and Market Position:
      • Established business goals and objectives, as well as associated delivery timetables
      • Competitive strengths and weaknesses
      • Recruitment targets and human resources strategy

    Armed with this knowledge, we will conduct a thorough assessment of the marketplace, identifying the top available talent. Candidate contact and evaluation is then conducted professionally and confidentially. Our innate ability to build candidate rapport is unparalleled, enabling us to not only find the best overall fits for our clients, but also to obtain key market intelligence.

  2. Onsite/Offsite Contract Recruiting

    Whether your company is a start-up without a formal HR department or a well-established firm in need of additional human resources manpower, our onsite recruiting service can help you abbreviate the hiring process by supplementing your team with expert level recruiting assistance. Backed by the latest recruitment technology and tools, a solid understanding of all aspects of the Smart Grid, commodities and energy sectors and their unique human capital requirements, as well as an extensive database of high-quality passive candidates and an extensive network of key industry professionals, our onsite recruiters will add tremendous value to your organization beginning day one.

    Offered as a temporary solution to successfully address a spike in hiring activity, or as a more long-term strategy to enhance the performance of your team through the addition of seasoned, knowledgeable and adept recruiters, our onsite contract services offer you the flexibility to leverage our resources to address any challenge, big or small.

    Our contact recruiters will come to you, or work from our corporate headquarters in Boca Raton. Billed by the hour, with contract terms ranging from 30 days to one year, we can tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

  3. Candidate Sourcing

    Our candidate sourcing service provides your human resources team with a consistent flow of candidates who not only meet the unique requirements of your requisitions, but who are also interested in pursuing an opportunity with your firm.

    Offered as a monthly subscription, our candidate sourcing service begins with a thorough evaluation of each of your open roles – clearly defining the “must-have” and “nice-to-have” skills and experiences you are seeking. Leveraging our database of over 30,000 industry professionals, we will:

    • Actively reach out to candidates who, at a minimum, meet all of your “must-have” requirements.
    • Promote the opportunity in addition to your organization.
    • Deliver detailed profiles of candidates who meet your requirements, are interested in pursuing the opportunity and fall within your specified salary range.

    Our profiles include current resumes in addition to qualification worksheets which clearly outline a candidate’s skill set as it relates to your requisition requirements, simplifying the evaluation process. You will also receive a monthly status report outlining the number of candidates contacted, the companies they represent and when available, the reasons for which contacted candidates were not interested in pursuing the role, offering your HR team invaluable insight into competitive salary information, potential PR issues and evolving hiring trends.

  4. Video Screening

    Our cloud-based video screening technology, MyVirtualInterview, offers you the unique opportunity to perform a qualitative assessment of your candidates prior to conducting a face-to-face interview. Available 24/7/365, this highly flexible technology enables you to shorten the hiring process by allowing candidates and hiring managers to complete a portion of the interviewing process independently. Understanding the ever-growing challenges involved with coordinating schedules between busy Hiring Managers and working passive candidates, MyVirtualInterview not only allows candidates to complete their screenings outside of work hours, it also enables Hiring Managers to review potential hires without interrupting their demanding work schedule.

    Leveraging industry best practices, we will help you design a highly effective screening template that will ensure you realize the following benefits offered by this powerful assessment tool:

    • Assess presentation and speaking skills, crucial for customer-facing roles
    • Evaluate technical skills
    • Gauge a candidate’s cultural fit within your organization

    Our video screening service is available as a monthly subscription, and offers you the flexibility to create unlimited screening templates, each customized for the specific assessment needs of your open requisitions. In addition, multiple hiring managers and/or human resources professionals can be invited to assess completed screenings. Each can rate and comment on a candidate’s potential fit within the organization, streamlining the evaluation process.

  5. Industry Event Marketing (Dedicated E-Mail Campaigns, Banners)
  6. Career Marketing (Job Postings, Dedicated E-Mail Campaigns, Social Media)
  7. Research Reports