Having been in the energy recruiting business for the past thirteen years, we have witnessed many changes in this industry, but none that have impacted the recruitment process as significantly as those that have occurred over the past two years. Our take on the most noteworthy developments include:

  • Regulatory changes have had a dramatic impact on the way commodities are traded by financial institutions, imposing considerable staffing, retention and compensation challenges on the sector that was once the “sexiest” place to work.

  • The accelerating evolution of the energy delivery infrastructure has created demand for a new breed of hard-to-find human capital.

  • The emergence of social media has created an entirely new model for recruiting.

Understanding the impacts of these changes, as well as the need to stay ahead of the evolutionary curve, our firm has made substantial investments in both primary and secondary industry research to pinpoint changing dynamics in real time, as well as the latest cutting-edge recruitment technology to ensure an efficient talent identification process.

We partner exclusively with proven management teams at well-capitalized start-ups, global physical trading companies, large financial institutions, forward-thinking utilities, visionaries in energy technologies and private equity investors that are fueling growth in the energy and commodities sectors.

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